Ray Pritlove & David Egan

Owners Since 2020

The Transit Hotel, built in 1908 at a cost of $50,000, was an imposing building in the Village of North Edmonton. Built in the middle of “Packingtown” the meat packing district, the hotel was the first building to have hot and cold running water, indoor plumbing and a telephone. The City of Edmonton annexed the Village of North Edmonton in 1912.

The Transit was the last stop on the trip to Fort Saskatchewan and first stop on your return trip. It initially had 40 rooms and rumor has it there was a barbershop in the basement. The hotel has a prominent look and is immediately noticeable when driving into North Edmonton on Fort Road. The stockyards that populated the area made it the second largest in North America, with Chicago being the largest.

Rooms were $1.50 per night, meals were $0.25 and Sunday dinner was $0.35. Room and Board for the month $30.00, and they had a Livery Stable.

There has been stories from former staff that the basement is haunted, while we can not confirm this we also can not deny it. This is an old building and there has been lots of history in there, we are extremely excited to be adding to the history of this amazing building and we hope you come and join us for a meal, a beverage and if you catch us at the right time, perhaps a tour of the basement to see if there really are some ethereal souls down there.  

Catering & Live Entertainment


Hosting an event and need some help making it amazing

We are happy to provide you a quote for offsite catering.

Whether you have a group of 20 or 300, we are able to provide full catering service for you in the backyard, your kitchen or any other site you have in mind. Our experienced team will provide you the best of service and we will clean up and remove everything we bring, leaving you with nothing to do except enjoy the party and have a great time.

Our Chef's catering experience started back in the early 2000's in Toronto. As the executive chef for a major bank in downtown Toronto, our chef would do catering for small and large groups. He also worked for a large caterer with some functions reaching over 6000 people. Rest assured, we got this.

Email us for a quote at contact@transitsmokehousebbq.com

Bringing Live Music Back to North EdmontonGreat Music every weekend

Our goal is to have great live music every weekend. This is something the north side has been without for sometime.

During the week

During the week we will have music from new and up and coming bands.

If your interested in setting up a gig, shoot us an email.


No more Gerbil Races

We know there was talk of this coming back, but I am sorry to tell you this is not to be. We acknowledge this was part of the history of the Hotel, we have even laughed about it over a beer or two, but sadly we are moving forward. If anyone has pictures of the said Gerbil races please reach out to us, we would love to have a picture hanging up in the restaurant. 

Transit Smokehouse & BBQ

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